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I forgot my DB password. How can I reset it?

The previoud employee used auto-saveed DB's password in the client tool. Unfortunately he didn't tell me what it is.

I cannot access a DB. On the console, is it possible to reset DB password? I know DBA is a username.


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asked 4 years ago
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It happened all the time. :D

Unfortunately there is no way to reset DBA's password. Instead, you need to re-build another DB by using the current DB. It is quite nasty so I encourage you not to forget DBA's password never again.

1. If you don't know the current password,

1) Log in to the host that CUBRID is running.

2) Run a command cubrid unloaddb current_database_name to unload schema, data and indexes from the current DB. You will have 4 types of files in schema, objects, indexes, triggers.

3) Create a new DB with cubrid createdb new_database_name . You will import unloaded data and schema into a new DB.

4) open a file named "current_database_name.schema" and delete a following line.

call [find_user]('DBA') on class [db_user] to [auser];
call [set_password_encoded_sha1]('C53255317BB11707D0F614696B3CE6F221D0E2F2') on [auser]; -> DELETE!!

5) Now import schema, data, index, and triggers which were unloaded in 2) into a new DB by followin commands:
cubrid loaddb -s currnet_database_name_schema new_database_name

cubrid loaddb -d currnet_database_name_objects new_database_name

cubrid loaddb -i currnet_database_name_indexes new_database_name

cubrid loaddb -s currnet_database_name_trigger new_database_name

6) You can rename a new database name by cubrid renamedb from_db_name to_db_name if you want.


2. If you forgot CUBRID Manager admin password to log-in CM server, please refer to

3. If you want to change DB user password with ALTER USER, please refer to



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answered 4 years ago

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