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Post subject: Partition Pruning and parametrized query

registered: 03/09/2013

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hi guys,


Partition pruning section says:

In versions lower than CUBRID 9.0, partition pruning has been executed at the query compiling stage. However, in version of CUBRID 9.0 or higher, it is executed at the server side at the query execution stage

 Does this mean we can not benefit partition pruning when using parametrized query because at compile time arguments are not available?


# Post subject:Re: Partition Pruning and parametrized query


registered: 06/09/2011

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Prior to CUBRID 9.0, partition pruning could not be performed on a parameterized query. This is because the actual values were not known during compile time. CUBRID 9.0 executes partition pruning during execution. Parameters are known at that time (and also alot of other stuff) so pruning is performed on parameterized queries. For CUBRID 8.4.x and older, the recomandation is to always specify a value search for the partitioning key.


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