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Common Microsoft Errors

When you install or configure the OLEDB Driver or ADO.NET Driver, you may encounter certain Microsoft standard error codes that we would like to list here in order to help you comprehend what the problem.

  • 0x80004005 - Access Denied Error - caused by not having enough rights to run the file. For example, when running regsvr32 CUBRIDProvider.dll without having administrator rights, you will encounter this error.
  • 0x80070005 - Permission Denied Error - same solution as above.
  • 0x80029c4a - Can't Load Library Error - the dll you are trying to load is looking for a library that it cannot find. The most probable case with CUBRID is that the file cascci.dll could not be found. You can download this file from our CCI Driver Download page. Make sure that the CCI driver version matches the ADO.NET or OLEDB Driver version.

If you still face problems understanding the error, please post the issue in our forum or on our q&a site.

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