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CUBRID Database File Types and Their Meaning

If you are wondering what each file in your database folder does, we will now go over the files you will encounter.

Let's assume the database name is demodb. The database is stored in the directory where you ran cubrid createdb. If you created your database using CUBRID Manager, check C:\CUBRID\databases\ and open the folder corresponding to your database name (C:\CUBRID is the location where cubrid is installed by default on Windows). On Linux, the folder is stored in $CUBRID_DATABASES path variable.

 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is 7453-0B0A

 Directory of C:\CUBRID\databases\demodb

11/02/2012  03:12 PM    <DIR>          .
11/02/2012  03:12 PM    <DIR>          ..
10/29/2012  04:35 PM       536,870,912 demodb
10/15/2012  08:58 AM       536,870,912 demodb_lgar000
10/15/2012  01:38 PM       536,854,528 demodb_lgar001
10/29/2012  04:36 PM       536,870,912 demodb_lgar_t
10/29/2012  04:35 PM       536,870,912 demodb_lgat
10/29/2012  04:35 PM                28 demodb_lgat__lock
10/15/2012  02:03 PM               694 demodb_lginf
10/29/2012  04:36 PM        26,558,464 demodb_t32766
10/13/2012  08:38 AM               223 demodb_vinf
10/04/2012  01:31 PM    <DIR>          lob

Now, let's go over each of the files:

  • demodb contains the database data;
  • demodb_lgar000, 001 and so forth are log archives used for point in time restore or in the event of a system crash;
  • demodb_lgar_t - represents the temporary log archive file;
  • demodb_lgat - represents the active log and holds the recent changes to the database;
  • demodb_t32766 represents a temporary volume; (Note: You might see other value than t32766 appended to the database name as the value decreases from 32766 to 1)
  • demodb_lgat__lock - displays which process holds the lock on the database;
  • demodb_loginf - holds log archive information;
  • demodb_vinf - holds volume creation information;
  • lob folder is where CLOB/BLOB data types are stored;

For more specific information check out the Database Volume Structure manual page.

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