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GestDB CUBRID Tutorial

GestDB is a client to access relational databases. It can be used to access a large array of databases including CUBRID.

Step 1: Download GestDB

GestDB can be downloaded from

In order to run it, you need to install the Java JRE or JDK 1.6 or above. You can find the downloads page at

The tutorial on how to install and configure CUBRID is found at

You have to unzip the ZIP file to a directory, eg "/ home / myuser / gestdb /" or "c: \ Users \ myuser \ Desktop \ gestdb".

Step 2: Install JDBC driver

You need the JDBC driver to connect to the database. A version of the program that includes the driver for CUBRID.
If you have a version without the driver, we downloaded the driver from the manufacturer and copy it in the subdirectory "lib", to start the application will load automátimanete.
There is another way to put the JDBC driver. Using the configuration window by clicking the Add button driver.
The application allows you to have all the drivers needed.

Step 3: Configure conection

We are ready to use the application. The run with the command "run.cmd" or "" if you're on Windows or UNIX respectively.


Press the first button we have in the top left to create a new connection.

Connection window

Press "Create" button.

Fill in the fields with your data connection. In this example we will connect to the database that brings Cubrid demodb.

Create connection window

Press the "Test connection" to test the connection.

If you have errors appears a window similar to the following.

Test connection 1

If all goes well, appears it a window like the one below.

Ok test connection

Click on the "Create connection".

Step 4: Connect to the database

Select your connection and press "Connect" or double click.

We already have a good connection to our database, the next step is to test it.

We can launch a query to pull data from an existing table using the syntax "select * from {table}" and pressing the "run" that have as gears, or selecting a table in the combobox and pressing the button with a "gear".

Below I will show a way to try creating a table, inserting a record and then launching a consultation on table.

GestDB allows multiple querys in the editor and launch only the selected query, this is method we to use it.





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