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Versions available for this page: CUBRID 8.4.1 | 

Displaying Information of CM Users


The cm_admin viewuser utility displays information of CM users.


cm_admin viewuser cmuser-name

  • cm_admin : An integrated utility to manage CUBRID Manager
  • viewuser : The command used to display authority and database information of a CM user.
  • cmuser-name : The name of a user. If this value is specified, only the corresponding user's information will be displayed; if it is omitted, all existing CM user's information will be displayed.

The following example shows how to display information of a CM user "testcm".

cm_admin viewuser testcm

The following information will be displayed.

CM USER: testcm

 Auth info:

  broker: none

  dbcreate: none

  statusmonitorauth: none

 DB info:


 DBNAME         UID         BROKER INFO


 testdb         dba         localhost,30000