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Post subject: demodb documentation

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you are providing a sample database 'demodb' with your installers as well with your virtual machine images. This raises the expectations to have a quick and easy posibility to start and get issue the first queries within a few minutes. But in the end I needed four hours (also caused by other documentation issues posted in this forum).

You do not provide the user with the necessary information to access it (or do not provide links to it). It took a long time to find out, that not my JDBC connection data was wrong, but that I had to start the demodb explicitly (cubrid server start demodb) though the CUBRID service was running. Finally I found user and password ('dba', <empty>) only through a forum question related to accessing a custom instance, not by regular documentation. You can save evaluators a lot of time providing a short 'Getting started with demodb' page or so.



[Level:3]Esen Sagynov

# Post subject:Re: demodb documentation


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Dear Volker,

First of all, I would like to thank you for you time you have spent to report this and other documentation issues. It is very likely other users have also experienced these errors but they had not reported them. And you did. This is a great contribution from you to CUBRID open source project especially considering that next new evaluators will not have this same problem any more.

I will create "Getting started with demodb" tutorial right away. Thank you. Let me know if you have other feedback. I will be glad to take care of them as expected.


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