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How to add alternative hosts to a connection string in ADO.NET?

In CUBRID it is possible to indicate alternative hosts (brokers) in the connection string as a measurement for broker fail-over. JDBC manual provides an example for this.

However, I could not find a way to pass alternative hosts to ADO.NET connection string. How can I do this?

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asked 5 years ago
2 Answers

As far as I know, multi host is supported in Perl, Python, and JDBC drivers. But it is not supported (yet) in OLE DB, .NET and ODBC drivers.

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answered 5 years ago

CUBRID ADO.NET driver already supports the connection string through which you can set altHosts option. See another answer here

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answered 4 years ago

You are either using a very old browser or a browser that is not supported.
In order to browse you need to have one of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer: Mozilla Firefox: Google Chrome: