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What does "Error: CCI, -4, Cannot communicate with server" mean?

I installed CUBRID and the PHP API yesterday. Everything was working perfect. I was quite glad. I created some code and could work with CUBRID. But today in the morning I started my Web server, navigated to my site, and I saw this error:

Error: CCI, -4, Cannot communicate with server

What does it mean, and how can I resolve it?

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asked 5 years ago
8 Answers

This error indicates that your CUBRID server has not been started after you had restarted your server. In your command line terminal try starting CUBRID Service as well as your db like:

cubrid service start
cubrid server start my_db_name
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answered 5 years ago

You are either using a very old browser or a browser that is not supported.
In order to browse you need to have one of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer: Mozilla Firefox: Google Chrome: